Haig's Drains is an established drainage company operating out of Leeds. Customers in the nearby area of York use our drainage services on a domestic and commercial scale. We specialise in drain repairs and replacement drains, taking our services to homes and businesses on a regional and nationwide basis. One of the most common occurrences in our day-to-day work is blocked drains, for which we offer a full and professional clearance service.


To reduce the need for drainage services, and to keep the system of your York site or property free from obstructions, it helps to know the causes behind blocked drains. The items below are the things we experience on a frequent basis in our role as a drainage company.




What tends to be the most common cause of blocked drains is also the easiest to control and avoid. Grease and fat have sticky qualities, and this makes them attach to pipework walls when washed down the sink. Eventually, the pipework blocks to an extent where it stops water from passing through. This costs our customers more in clearances, in drain repairs and in restorative drainage services they could so easily prevent.


Transfer grease and fat into an empty jar and dispose of both in a bin. This stops the transfer of fatty deposits into the pipework, reduces clearance costs significantly and lowers for potential for disruption caused by the installation of replacement drains in York.




The fine texture of hair might not seem reason enough to cause blocked drains but a build-up in the plumbing system can result in significant problems for homeowners. Removing surplus hair with the fingers from time to time won’t do much to arrest the issue. Our drainage company recommends the use of a sink strainer or a plughole filter to catch hair for easy bulk removal. These cheap, simple devices save small fortunes on the cost of drain repairs.


Even with a strainer or a filter in place, always perform a regular visual check for hair around plugholes. While we’re always happy to help customers in the York area with the drainage services they need, it makes good business sense for us to also recommend preventative measures.




Avoid the need for repairs and replacement drains by keep plumbing and pipework clear of foreign objects or contaminants. One small object on its own might not seem like much but a collection of materials built up over time will block the drainage system and stop the flow of water. Avoid putting nappies, wet wipes and sanitary items down the toilet, and avoid blocked drains by throwing soap bar remnants into a bin instead of down the plughole.


Keep an eye out for the kids too, and don’t let them introduce small toys to the drainage system. What might seem like fun to a child can be a major expense for a parent. Our drainage company encounters a surprising number of blockages in York caused by the introduction of contaminants from children.




Even items design to flush down a toilet can cause blocked drains, with baby items and toilet paper standing out from the rest as the two biggest offenders. Reduce the need for drainage services and only flush away toilet paper in sensible amounts. It doesn’t take much for individual sheets to ball up and attach themselves to protrusions in the pipework. Our drainage company frequently comes across huge balls of toilet paper when performing clearances and drain repairs in York.


Baby items tend to be worse and, with large-scale disposal down the toilet, can lead to major damage and the need for replacement drains. Nappies soak up waster and increase in size. If a nappy submerges completely, it swells to a size that makes dispersal virtually impossible.




Drainage services often take place outside of the property and there is good reason for this. A well-kept garden may do wonders for the kerb appeal of your York home or business but twigs, fallen leaves and garden debris cause as many blocked drains as contaminants from inside the property. In terms of replacement drains, one of the biggest causes of structural damage to pipework is tree root intrusion because the roots draw to the nearest water source – the drainage system itself.


Our drainage services include scheduled maintenance contracts and high-pressure jet washing to keep pipework clear of obstructions through scheduled visits from our technicians. This is another great way to avoid increased costs for drain repairs if, or when, they eventually happen.


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