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The results of a CCTV survey show our technicians the condition of the drainage system and indicate where replacement drains will be a more suitable alternative to a repair. Images relayed from the pipework direct us to issues with blockages, cracks, fractures, displaced joints, collapses, deformities and intrusive tree roots. Haig's Drains investigates carefully to find a permanent solution to the problem and to reinstate as quickly as possible.


Located in Leeds, we are drain blockage and repair specialists for Wakefield, York and West Yorkshire. We also provide drainage services across the UK.


A cracked drain is a serious issue that leads to bad odours, soil pollution, the accumulation of surface water, loss of sanitary conditions and pest control problems. The only way to establish the integrity of the drainage system, and to determine whether the job needs replacement drains or a minor repair, is through a professional investigative survey.


Haig's Drains performs full and partial drain replacements using excavation (digging) and non-excavation (non-digging) systems. We utilise trenching and trenchless technologies as part of our commitment to ENGINEERING SMART SOLUTIONS in Leeds, Wakefield, Harrogate, York and the surrounding areas.




In circumstances where the extent of the damage makes it impossible for us to use trenchless technologies, Haig's Drains performs full drain replacements for its Leeds, Wakefield, Harrogate, York and UK customers by excavating the site in full. This allows us to replace the damaged section completely. Excavation is a more expensive and slightly more disruptive option but one that provides the site or property with full repair and reinstatement.


Compare the cost of replacement drains with the potential for damage caused by major leaks and obstructions, and this is still a highly effective solution that makes the temporary inconvenience of excavation more than worthwhile.




A French drain diverts water from one part of a property to another to stop waterlogging and other pooling issues. Dug along a declining slope with trenches ranging from six inches to several feet in diameter, these replacement drains use a gravel covering to control the entry of mud and debris into the system. A perforated pipe beneath the gravel accelerates water movement. Some homes in the Leeds, Wakefield, Harrogate, York and West Yorkshire areas have downspouts which empty directly into a French drain to disperse rainfall.


This effective method of channelling water away from a property protects the foundations, keeps lawns in good condition and require no specialist tools during replacement.




Haig's Drains specialises in the installation and replacement of surface water drains and soakaways, working on small projects for residential customers to keep their gardens in good condition and on larger projects such as industrial estates. A soakaway is a simple replacement drain installation consisting of a hole filled with rubble and stone. The design of surface water drains and soakaways lets water percolate back into the earth at a point close to where it originally falls (unlike a French drain, which diverts water somewhere else).


In an age where homeowners and businesses alike are doing more to live or work sustainably, surface water drains and soakaways offer eco-friendly solutions to issues with pooling water.




For domestic customers and commercial clients with aspirations for a new build, an extension or a similar type of property development, Haig's Drains provides a full drainage installation service. This is something we do in full compliance with current Building Regulations to include different elements of the design work, such as the drainage layout, the surcharging of drains, control over rodents, material options, bedding and backfilling.


We also offer an internal service to change drainage layouts when homeowners in Leeds, Wakefield, Harrogate, York or West Yorkshire move a kitchen or bathroom into another part of the property.


If required to, we work closely with project managers and any other contractors onsite to perform a full, fast and effective installation to an agreed specification, timescale and budget. Please contact us on 07847 853865 for help, advice and assistance with new builds and property extensions.


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