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At Haig's Drains, the customer always comes first. We promise to find fast, permanent and cost-effective solutions for your drain unblocking and repair needs. Some blocked drains present more challenges that others. If traditional clearance or high-pressure jet washing techniques can’t resolve a problem, our drainage company uses innovative CCTV surveys to investigate further – anywhere in Leeds, Wakefield, Harrogate & York as well as the surroudning Yorkshire areas. 


A survey helps us to identify more complex problems, and to recommend the drain repairs your home or business needs. We also provide investigative drainage services nationwide.


Our certificated technicians use excavation (digging) and non-excavation (non-digging) systems to perform drain repairs and replacements. If our drainage company locates damage beneath a driveway, a landscaped garden or a sensitive work environment that needs to stay operational, it makes sense that the customer or client won’t want too much upheaval. We have a flexible range of non-dig drain repairs available to suit their needs.


Haig's Drains delivers ENGINEERING SMART SOLUTIONS on projects in Wakefield, Harrogate, York, the surrounding West Yorkshire area and locations across the UK – with no invasive digging required.



Larger instances of damage can require excavation and replacement but, subject to the results of a CCTV survey, Haig's Drains performs drain repairs of a small to intermediate size without having to dig a hole. Patch repair and drain relining services minimise disruption using no-dig technology to resolve cracks, fractures, displaced joints, collapses, deformities and all issues related to tree root intrusion.


Patched drain repairs, performed internally or underneath land and properties, restore the run integrity and stop deterioration.


Drain relining is a repair method used over an extended run. Our company introduces a resin-soaked liner into the drainage system which, one fixed into place, cures under pressure to form a high-strength tube. These drain repairs reduce friction, restore the flow of water and add durability to the run, which we usually reinstate on the same day.


Patched drain repairs and drain relining offer our Leeds, Wakefield, Harrogate & York and West Yorkshire customers a cost and time effective alternative to open-ground excavation and replacement.





A sizeable proportion of issues related to property subsidence stem from a damaged or leaking drainage gully next to the building foundations. Fractures to a gully result in the drainage system venting at ground level and, as well as causing subsidence, allow rats to exit the drainage system into your home or business. This is a concern for clients in the food handling, preparation and production industries.


The drain gully is part of a discharge system that allows foul and stormwater to run past a trapped receptacle but stops gases, odours and pests passing back the other way. Haig's Drains repairs and replaces damaged gullies. Call us on 07847 853865 to discuss these particular drain repairs.

  • Gully Systems – Drainage and gully installations for issues with dampness

  • Installations – New rain, foul and surface water gullies fitted

  • Replacements – Foul drain kitchen and bathroom gullies replaced

  • Repairs – Fractured and damaged gullies repaired and reinstated

  • Drains and Grates – Replacement heavy-duty grates for driveways

  • Yard Gullies – Installations to include an appropriate below-ground system

Haig's Drains also supplies new drainage covers and frames, and provides a full installation service across the Leeds, Wakefield, Harrogate and York areas.



This is a trenchless alternative to replacement drains, which can be carried out in patches or full lengths, for vitrified clay, pitch fibre and cast iron drain lines.  The technology behind this system dates back 40 or so years and is an effective repair method for pipework cracks. Technicians insert a resin-soaked liner into the damaged section using winches or air pressure. Once in place, an air-fed device expands the lining to fit the shape of the pipework walls.


The resin, activated with water or ultraviolet light, hardens to produce the repair/replacement. With the resin cured, the technicians remove the air-fed device to complete the job.




Our drainage company delivers responsive services on a 24-hour basis, 7 days a week. We unblock and repair Saniflo systems for our local, regional and nationwide customers. The technicians on our team carry fast-moving spare parts for Saniflo and branded macerators. Haig's Drains provides a professional diagnosis service and practical advice, dealing with blockages and overflow issues on the same day as the initial visit whenever possible.


If we are unable to perform a safe and economical repair, Haig's Drains can provide customers and clients with new Saniflo macerator installations. We also repair and replace macerators from Edincare, Grundfos, Hydrolux and Turboflush.


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