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At Haig's Drains, we take the stress and hassle out of blocked drains through the delivery of a responsive clearance service tailored to your needs. Based in Leeds, we’re the established drainage company with local, regional and nationwide reach. Call 07847 853865 for a fast, friendly service in Harrogate, Wakefield, York and all surrounding areas. We respond to blocked drains on a 24-hour basis, every day of the week.


The drainage technicians on our team have DBS certification and our company is a proud member of the Water Jetting Association. These important credentials are your guarantee of first-class drainage services from a genuine family-run business that treats its customers and clients with respect.


We back the clearance of blocked drains with a full 60-day guarantee subject to our technicians finding no major faults or instances of collapsed drainage pipework after a survey.




The slow dispersal of water from a bath or sink indicates an obstruction in the pipework. Hair, grease, general waste and even the build-up of soap constrict the flow of water. Most blocked drains stem from one or a combination of these issues. Taps that produce just a trickle of water point to the build-up of scale in the pipework, particularly in hard water areas of Leeds, Wakefield, Harrogate and York. Sediments from hard water eventually cause a drain to block.


Blocked toilets, sinks, baths and showers, and even blocked soil stacks, point prospective customers and clients towards our drain clearance services. An unpleasant smell from an interior or exterior drain, even with no visible restriction in water flow, also indicates a potential blockage.


Our drainage company responds to blocked drains in West Yorkshire – and across the UK – with the same customer-friendly approach that applies to our complete service range.




Haig's Drains offers a grease trap cleaning and reinstatement service. This is a popular choice with our commercial clients, especially those working in food production. Our regular contracts in the area include restaurants, takeaways and butcher shops. A grease blockage resulting in a back-up could see a restaurant closed over several weeks for sanitising, affecting income, profitability, reputation and even the future of the business.


We strongly recommend that you have your grease trap cleaned every 4 to 6 weeks. Haig's Drains works on a contract maintenance basis for businesses in the West Yorkshire area.




Foreign objects and contaminants aren’t the only causes of blocked drains. Up to half of all mainline pipework blockages stem from tree root intrusion. Properties with older ceramic drainage systems are at more risk from growing roots than those with plastic pipework. Haig's Drains uses high-pressure jet washers to clear blocked drains. A pressure of 1,000 psi to 3,000 psi, or 200 bar, will clear a system without breaking through the pipework.


Jetting at these pressures cleans interior drainage of scale, fat and deposits, and cuts away tree roots to leave a clear passage for running water.

  • A fast way to clear blocked drains in Wakefield, York and the surrounding areas with no need to excavate or remove pipework.

  • No chemicals required and no concerns about environmental damage, pipework corrosion or harm to helpful microbial bacteria.

  • More economical and reliable than traditional drain clearance systems with fewer risks of damage to ceramic pipework.



A Saniflo macerator processes waste by cutting through it with a rotating blade at high speed, turning it into an effluent. This makes it easier to disperse of waste through pipework with a smaller diameter. The Saniflo system is a popular choice for homes without a nearby discharge pipe that need a second toilet. It reduces the inconvenience – and the cost – of new pipework. A macerator lasts for up to 30 years with careful household use.


The same types of waste that lead to blocked drains – and sanitary materials in particular – also cause blockages in a Saniflo system. We offer a Saniflo unblocking service to customers and clients in the West Yorkshire area. Always use a professional drainage technician to unblock the macerator.


Any system with rotating blades presents a risk of injury to anybody who tries to repair it without the required job skills and knowledge you’ll find with an accredited drainage company.


Haig's Drains is the name to trust for ENGINEERING SMART SOLUTIONS.


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